SIFAT Scholarship Recipients Complete the Field Training Course

The Sparkman Center recenty sponsored five UAB students to participate in SIFAT's annual course on Field Training in World Hunger and Malnutrition. The course is designed to give participants a better understanding of major causes of world hunger and malnutrition and demonstrate specific appropriate technologies that can be used to combat hunger and malnutrition. It is meant to increase sensitivity to community development and cross-cultural issues and provide a learning atmosphere of adult participatory education which includes engaged dialogue, critical thinking, and hands-on learning.

Here's what some of our participants had to say about the experience:

"I had an inspiring experience at SIFAT that was very interesting and informative! I learned so much about alleviation of malnutrition through appropriate technologies, and came home with great resources. So, thank you for the opportunity!"

"I was happy I participated in that training program. It was rewarding as the technology and community engagement approaches will be be very helpful. It was so amazing to realize that very simple technologies if adopted could change the lives of many and improve on protein and micronutrients malnutrition. All of the techologies that were learnt could easily be applied in the field but solar cookers and solar driers, fuel efficient stoves,urban gardening and water purification techniques were the ones in my opinion much needed by my people and those who have lost their fertile soil due to erosion and who probably are faced with deforestation and so lack of cooking wood. Most of the vegetables are seasonal and with no means of preservation, they lose more than half of it but with the solar driers, all or most of it could be made into concentrate and used as add on to their meals especially children who have just been weaned. It is amazing and I will  recommend it to everybody who has her community at heart."

"It was such a blessing to be with these men and women for 14 days, share life and talks and coffee (lots of coffee) while learning some incredible life changing, community building skills!  I can't wait to use them..."