eGranary Digital Library

The Sparkman Center initially partnered with the Widernet @UNC Project, a service project based in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2008 to develop custom portals of health information resources on the eGranary Digital Library for students and practitioners in medicine, nursing, public health, and other health-related disciplines in Zambia. The eGranary is particularly useful in many parts of Zambia and other countries due to limitations of access to the Internet either because of availability, slow speed, or high cost.

Through a partnership with VVOB Zambia, SCGH expanded its scope of the eG project beyond health sciences to include educational resources for teachers and students in Zambia. Presently, SCGH is partnering with the Peace Corps office in Zambia to assess the feasibility of solar powered eG units at 3 secondary schools with intermittent or no electricity. To learn more about this project, click on the tabs above.

Over the last 5 years, SCGH has worked with partners ranging from academic and government institutions to NGOs in the development and dissemination the eGranary Digital Library in several different countries including Zambia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Nepal and Kenya. 


  • Development of teacher training resources with VVOB Zambia

  • Facilitated training and installation for 18 eGranaries in partnership with VVOB Zambia

  • Purchased 4 eGranaries for Colleges of Education in Zambia 

  • Development of THET linkage and workshop 

  • Purchased eG unit for VVOB Zimbabwe

  • Partnered with Lusaka's technology and innovation hub, BongoHive, to provide on the ground technical support.

  • Joined Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in Ethiopia to advise e-learning strategy that included eG units 

Health Sciences

  • University of Zambia School of Medicine

  • Chainama Hills College of Health Sciences

  • Copperbelt University School of Medicine

  • Chikankata Mission Hospital

  • Lewanika General Hospital

  • Lusaka Apex Medical University (LAMU)

  • Lusaka School of Nursing

  • Cavendish School of Medicine

  • Chitambo School of Nursing

  • Chipata School of Nursing

  • Kasama School of Nursing

Other Institutions

  • Teacher Resource Centers and Colleges of Education in Zambia

  • Peace Corps headquarters in Zambia

  • BongoHive

  • Zambia Knowledge Centre


  • National Institute of Public Administration 

  • VVOB Zimbabwe

  • Zambian Forum for Health Research (ZAMFOHR)


SCGH has added a significant amount of health and education related content to the eGranary such as the Khan Academy, textbooks and much more. Additionally, content developed and tested in Zambia such as Medical Aid Films, TESSA as well as the EPHTI materials which were developed in Ethiopia have also been added. To help users easily find these resources, SCGH has developed the following  portals with partners in Zambia.

Community Development Resources: resources for community development 

National Institute of Public Administration: resources for professional management and business training for students, educators and practitioners in Zambia 

Zambia Knowledge Centre: educational resources for teachers and students 

Zambia Medical Portal: resources for medical educators, students, and practitioners 

Zambia Nursing and Midwifery Portal: resources for educators, students, and practitioners 

Zambia Public Health Portal: resources for educators, students, and practitioners